Alternative Fuels for Process Plants

As part of a Government initiative and modern environmental policies, some of our customers have received incentives to burn waste as a fuel in their kilns and furnaces. This helps dispose of the waste in the most environmentally secure way.

This alternative fuel comes in many variants including tyre chips, wood chips, waste derived liquid fuels (WDLF), refuse-derived fuel (RDF) or solid recovered fuel/ specified recovered fuel (SRF). Some of these alternative fuels are hazardous.

Alternative Fuels

Support for Fuel Process Plants

PCS have completed the electrical installations on many plants which handle the unloading, storing and the burning of these fuels.
We  offer a skilled team who are very familiar with the skills required when working in a process environment.  PCS understand the hazards associated with handling these substances.

The scope of work covered in this sector includes, capital project work including:

  • Plant,
  • The installation of process systems,
  • Site based maintenance and breakdown teams to help maintain the plants during production.

 Electrical Services for Process Plants

  • Maintenance and Breakdown Cover,
  • System Modifications,
  • LV Distribution Systems,
  • Control Panel Manufacture and Service including Motor Control Centres and Pneumatics,
  • Plant Installation and Modifications,
  • Control and Instrumentation Modifications,
  • Lighting installation and maintenance.

Alternative fuels clients